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Dream of Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer? It’s tricky to know where to start!

Join 2021 Worldwide Working With Dogs 14-Day Challenge to discover just that!

This is all about you getting the knowledge and practical fun of how to work with dogs - And it’s for you if you tick any of these boxes...

✅You’ve dreamt of working with dogs and becoming a dog trainer and you are sick of saying “One Day!”

✅You’re a dog owner passionate about dogs, learning about them gets you excited and you are keen to become your dog’s expert.

✅You’re already a professional dog trainer looking for new learning or an extension of skills/better ways of doing things.

✅You’re currently working with dogs in any capacity; groomers, dog walkers, vet, etc.

→ Get 14-days of guided learning and specialist training through videos, workbooks, live calls, and community support from the AbsoluteDogs Team!

😮All for just £27 / $32 USD / $43 AUD😮

SAVE BIG! The challenge is starting! It’s time to say Today is Day 1 

You’ll Receive:

🐶 14 Daily Videos, alternating between geeky dog behaviour knowledge deep dives and practical dog training game playing!

🐶 A kick-starter guide to working with dogs.

🐶 Games, Games, Games! Learn practical games-based dog training skills.

🐶 Expert knowledge and geek outs about dogs to supercharge your learning.

🐶 Facebook Group, which will include additional live teaching, support network, and community.

Seriously, if not now, then when?
If not you, then who?

No regrets! Take action right now to secure your spot:

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