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My Powerful Why

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

When we got Harley , our little land shark, she was only 10 weeks old and her behaviour was like a typical puppy, chewing the furniture, nipping and peeing inside, we could barely hold her let alone cuddle up with her.

She’s now almost 2 years old and a totally different dog, I can put my hand in her mouth and she will not bite, seeing how her behaviour changed is the reason I decided to become a dog trainer, I realised that all dogs deserve to get the training they need to become the best companion they can be for their human, so I am going to be that person.

But that wasn’t the end, that was just the begining, when I started to study dog training, it was just the usual positive dog training which I have always supported, but then I magically found absoluteDOGS , and that was when I realised, this is it, this is the way I want to train dogs, through games, to reshape their brain so they make the best decision when they need to.

Now I consider myself a #gamechanger, a #concepttrainer and someone who is learning everyday. you never are done training your dog, they can learn and improve every day for the rest of their lives and have fun doing it.

I am here for people who would want the same thing for their dogs, to have fun while learning. I am extremely against old aversive methods of training and those methods have no place in my classes.

So if you have a Witty Woof that needs some extra help, let me know, book your free assessment or msg me directly and we will have some fun helping you both.

Welcome to the rest of your stress free and fun life with your dog.



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