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How old an adult dog intellectually is compare to a human?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

When dealing with dogs behavioural issues, we often hear the same struggles over and over again and the high expectations owners have from a puppy or an adult untrained dog.

According to the journal of Live Science an adult dogs’ cognitive ability is as of a 2 years old child. Yep 2 years old child.

You might ask why this is important, if every time we face an struggle with our dog, we replace the word my dog with my 2 years old child, then we’ll start to think differently of what we are expecting our dogs to do or how high is our expectations from a technically 2 year old child.

Here are some examples that I have replaced the word dog with 2 years old child:

- My 2 years old child bit another 2 year old child.

- My 2 years old child cries the whole time when she stays home on her own.

- My 2 years old child walks off and ends up in mischief if I don’t hold his hand.

- My 2 years old child peed in her bed.

- My 2 years old child destroys her toys and makes a mess while eating food.

If you had these issues with your 2 year old what would you do?

You would try to understand what’s causing these behaviours by getting professional help and would use gentle positive methods to overcome these issues.

So why some people use aversive methods such as shock collars, and choke chains to deal with these struggles without even thinking twice?

It comes from dog training reality tv shows that promote aversive methods, lack of understanding on how a dogs brain works and how mature dogs mentally are and for some unfortunately lack of care for pets in general.

You wouldn’t shock your 2 year old every time they cried or screamed would you?

Same with our dogs, let’s treat them how they deserve, like we treat a forever 2 year old child. To help them overcome their struggles by positive science based training.


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