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& I just love dogs!!


Hello! My name is Zara and the dog in picture is my beautiful rescue girl Harley, I created Witty Woofs dog training and behaviour in 2020 after seeing amazing results using Absolute Dogs games based training methods with my own dog.​

Unlike most traditional trainers, I employ a force/fear free approach in training, using games, positive reinforcemt and reward based concept training methods. These methods of training are fun for you and your dog, and instead of working on their behaviour, we help the dog to develop different concepts in their brain, which in turn, helps them to make the right decision in different circumstances. By the end of your training journey, not only you will see your dog's unwanted behaviour disappear, but you will also notice that lots of other unwanted behaviours have stopped.

I am a professional and committee member for Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA), Fear Free Shelters certified, certified Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer and Pro Dog Trainer Geek. (PDT & PDT GEEK)

I also have certifications in Dog Emotion and Cognition and Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

I have extensive experience with rescued animals (Dogs and Cats) and have worked in shelter environment, I am experienced working with all dog breeds who come through the shelters, however I specialise in bully breeds (American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and all mixes such as Bull Arab), so if you just rescued an animal (Dog or Cat) and need help, get in touch, I can help you to understand where they come from and how to understand and integrate them into your life.

So, if you think I am the right trainer for you, please contact me via the contact from to discuss your situation and I’ll work with you to develop the best plan for you and your dog.


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